Each three months I will travel to another European city to create a new magazine. A visual combination of portraits and streetshots will take you on an adventure.

Every city deserves it's own magazine and vibe, so that's why every new edition will be suprise. Both to you as to myself. First up is Frankfurt, edition 2 will be shot in Lisbon. My wishlist is forever growing, so who knows where it will take me in the end.

Magazines are for sale for €10 excluding shipping and can be bought by sending me an email with your adress.

Throughout this project I'm also recording vlogs to talk to you about the progress of the magazine and the experiences while shooting.

The first week after release went insanely fast, here is a small recap of the week
It's only four more days till the release of my first magazine! Today was all about preparing the packages and seeing the first testprint. Good times!
Sharing the lessons I have learned making my magazine with you. Not just applicable for photographers but creative processes in general.
Back in Eindhoven and I got some exciting news to tell you!
Talking to you from Frankfurt after being there for a couple of days and shooting a bunch of people