Photography is what enables me to meet new people and explore new places. In these encounters I'm always looking for beauty. Within my portraits this unfolds into an intimate search for trust, vulnerability and power. By tapping into that emotion and aknowledging this to my models will start to radiate from the inside, allowing them to become even more beautiful.

When shooting events I'm looking for ways to place people in the spotlight but still respect their authenticity.

If you like to work you're seeing, don't hesitate to send me an email or give me a call! I'm never low on energy to talk about photography. Eindhoven is my base, but I'm always on the move to create new images.

Previous clients include VanBerlo, IKEA, AVRO-TROS, Circle Software, YSE, FotoTainer, Van Dun-Bierens, Notarissenkantoor Theunissen.



0031 6 3877 9828