creating magazines throughout Europe, focussing on the young energy in different cities.


With a big interest in cities and people Remco Nagtzaam embarked on this project, visiting a new city every three months to create a printed magazine in which the relationship between city and people becomes apparent. The personality of a city is an interwoven connection of architecture and people’s dreams, one is fueling the other.

Remco’s view on beauty revolves around the concept of vulnerability, honesty and self-awareness. This view is easily recognized in his portraits, for this project he seeks the same qualities in the cities landscape. It is this vision that sets the tone for the magazines.

By making the magazines Remco aims to bring people closer to each other as each edition reveals traits of the city which people can relate to in their own ‘home’. The assumptions we usually have about different cities is being tested and questioned. Visiting all those places shows that we are not that different after all.



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Businesses and cities show a lot of resemblence, both have their people and their architecture intertwining. This connection sets the culture which is present within a company. Just as with a city. By presenting the company in the format of a magazine with honest portraits you get a clear and true view on who is handling your job.

A marketing campaign or slogan is one way to tell what you are doing as a company. However, many other companies make roughly the same claims. Show your current and prospected clients what your company is made of; the human connection is much stronger than a set of words.


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After graduating at the FotoAcademie Amsterdam (December 2016) Remco quickly realised he wanted to keep on pushing his creative outlets. After a few different ideas the concept for the magazines arose. Combining two of his biggest passions, being on the road and being able to meet and photograph a lot of different people in unexpected moments and places.

Portraits have been the cornerstone of Remco's photography for many years. He strongly believes people's hopes, dreams and fears are what make people stand out and beautifull, being able to capture this in images is his biggest reward.

Together with 5 other ambitious photographers Remco is part of Chapter 6, an alliance which supports each other by giving feedback and working together on exhibitions. First up is an exhibition at WG Kunst in Amsterdam from 8/2/2019 till 10/2/2019.




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